Safety technologies for light electric vehicles

GEKOT Robotics creates safety technologies for lightweight electric vehicles that enable fleet operator compliance and rider safety in cities around the world- allowing safe, accessible transportation.


We serve light electric vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators, pairing end users with smart vehicle technologies.


GEKOT provides intelligent technology to improve the vehicle experience for fleet operators, municipalities, riders and nearby pedestrians.



GEKOT’s Active Safety Technology provides extra “eyes on the road” to prevent accidents, detecting potential hazards before it’s too late.



Anti-theft solutions deter thieves from tampering with your vehicle and batteries.



GEKOT’s innovative “rules-adherent” technologies help keep vehicle operators in compliance with local government regulations.


GEKOT provides a range of on-vehicle solutions addressing challenges unique to the micro mobility industry.

Active Safety

GEKOT’s collision detection technology utilizes an array of sensors to mitigate accidents.


An electronic locking device keeps vehicles securely tethered to a bike rack while parked within the city’s compliance boundaries.

Theft Deterrent Alarm

GEKOT’s theft deterrent alarm system is uniquely designed to warn of unauthorized interior access and thwart battery theft.

Night Visibility

Many accidents occur in the dark. E-scooters equipped with improved night visibility technology create safer conditions for vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians.

Turn Indication

E-scooters equipped with GEKOT’s passive turn indicator system automatically broadcast a change in direction to nearby pedestrians.

Sidewalk Detection

Vehicle dynamics sensors detect when the vehicle is operating in a pedestrian zone.

Reckless Riding Detection

Detects excessive swerving, hard braking, and power slides by monitoring accelerometer values in the “reckless” range.

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